Jeff Kloer, Rehab Director

It is with bittersweet tears that we say goodbye to Jeff Kloer today. Jeff has been successfully directing our rehab department for the last three years. Two years prior, he joined our Physical Therapy Team when the department only consisted of two other Therapists. With Jeff’s efforts, he expanded our Therapy Team to include Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. As a result, our Rehab department has grown from 3 to 12 Therapists! Which means, month after month, year after year, our Therapy team has been caring for a growing number of patients from our Taos Community and neighbors.

When asked about his Physical Therapy work, Jeff said that overcoming the challenges were rewarding and that he felt fortunate to meet and treat so many genuine and kind patients. They will always have a soft spot in his heart. As will you Jeff, always have a place in our hearts.

When a wind from Clovis whispered in Jeff’s ear about a new opportunity to develop a rehab program for treating pilot fatigue on Cannon Air Force Base, Jeff couldn’t resist. Packing up his moto-bike and leaving the wind to the dust, Jeff leaves Taos better than he found it. We’ll see you again Jeff, in Clovis, New Mexico!