Dear Mountain Home Health,

     I am reaching a certain dignified age and have begun to think about tying up the loose ends in my life. I have also begun to think about how I want to live out the remaining time that I have, and a friend asked if I was going to have hospice services when the time came. What if I am interested in hospice care but not yet ready to make a decision?


                                   A Thinker

My Thinker,

     First things first, pat yourself on the back for beginning to take care of these loose ends. Many of us wait, or do not get our ‘house’ in order, and an unnecessary burden is placed on those around us.

     If you are not eligible for hospice services yet, but just want to learn more about hospice care I would point you to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. They are a wonderful resource that you can access. Also, most hospice agencies will have someone that can talk to you in more depth regarding services. While all agencies are different, they are all federally regulated and must comply with specific standards of care. So, reach out to someone you know who had a loved one on hospice, do some research online, or contact your local hospice agency to get the information that you need.


                                   Mountain Home Health

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